Items sold by Pilot Wings have warranty?
The site Pilot Wings Aviation Store guarantees the quality of all the items it sells. However if any of the items purchased is defective, it will have 15 days to make its return. Claims should be submitted via email to : info@pilotwings.pt or point of sale where you purchased the product always presenting their invoice.


All the shipping costs between the customer and the shop and vice-versa are supported only by the customer.

Returns and refunds?
If you wish to return an item , has fourteen days from receipt of the order to pursue the possibility of returning the product .
All returns must be notified to and authorized by Pilot Wings .

All products purchased from this site are delivered at the address indicated by the customer when making the purchase.

In the event that a customer does not receive the order in the indicated deadline, please contact us so our Customer Service may attend to that matter quickly. At this moment, no refunds will be delivered, until order loss can be confirmed.

We advise customers, upon receiving the order, to open the parcel and check that the product is in accordance with what was requested and free from external defects. If the product is different from that ordered or has visible defects, we recommend that the customer does not accept the delivery. She/he should fill in the form provided for this purpose and hand the product back to the carrier who will oversee its return.


  1. Check if the package is in good condition;
  2. Open the package asking the delivery person to wait for the verification (this is a client’s right);
  3. Check if the product is according to order and if no external visible defects exist. If all is ok, accept the delivery
  4. In case of non-conformity with what was ordered, may it be an error on the delivered product or a visible defect, please reject the delivery, fill out the form made for this events, and point out the problem. Give back the package(s) with all it’s contents to the delivery person/company.

To exercise the right to a refund, returns must be made by registered mail with reception notice within 15 days from the reception of the products. All material received must be returned. All goods returned must be in conditions they were sent. If the product has been tampered or damaged, no refunds will be made.

This right to refund is free of charge, apart from the postage fee, which shall be paid by the customer. The customer shall be refunded through bank transfer if the original payment was made through bank transfer. In the case of payment done through PayPal, refunds will be made through it and should be instantly available.

After the technical assessment, the refund shall be made within 20 days.
To return the package, the customer should return the product by Post (or using another carrier).

Items will only be accepted for return in their original packaging . We will not accept returns of software ( CD or DVD) whose packaging has been opened , used or violated. Some garments may not be accepted if there is already being used ( for reasons of hygiene we do not exchange shirts whose packaging has been opened ) .


All the shipping costs between the customer and the shop and vice-versa are supported only by the customer.

Who bears the shipping costs in case of a defective item ?
If there is a manufacturing defect in an item purchased , it is the Pilot Wings Aviation Store costs to resend the new item to the customer’s address , however , returns are always borne by the customer . If an exchange of size in the case of clothing, the total transportation costs shall always be covered by the customer .

What transport is that it is used for sending an order?
Orders placed through our website will be sent by mail or other carrier as the most suitable for each case .

What payment methods can I use ?
When making a purchase has three available payment methods :PayPal, or Bank Transfer  to the IBAN: PT50 0007 0000 0006 3014208 23 with the SWIFT code: BESCPTPL
Orders paid by bank transfer will only be sent after payment has been confirmed , just starting to count the shipping time thereafter .

And if I make an order through the website and do not exist in stock ?
In case we can not fulfill your order within the prescribed period due to stock outs or other reason that we are unaware , shall be promptly informed of this as well as the expected wait time for replacement of the item ordered .

The prices on the website of Pilot Wings are fixed ?
Pilot Wings Aviation Store reserves the right to change , without notice , prices of articles or other content of this site .

How do I know how much I will pay for the shipping of an article ?
The shipping costs will be calculated automatically by our system taking into account the weight of the item the shipping method and location of your country.

If paying by Paypal there any fees?
Yes , payments by PayPal will be increased by a rate of use PayPal calculated as a percentage , the value of it will be indicated by our system before purchase is finalized .

What is the delivery time for orders ?
The delivery of the articles should be around 24/48 hours ( for orders in Portugal ) may be conditioned by unavailability.

If a product ordered is not available, Pilot Wings Aviation Store will contact the customer by email or telephone within 5 days maximum counting from the date of the order request to inform him/her of the new delivery deadline of the product.

If any product cannot be delivered by Stock rupture, meaning that there will not be a future possible deadline for delivery, Pilot Wings Aviation Store will automatically refund the cost amount of those products to the customer.

of the expected wait time .

The prices in the store or on the website of Pilot Wings are always equal ?
No, the prices on the website may differ from prices in our stores or vice versa because it can take up the case there is a specific campaign.

Product images on the website are always equal to the articles presented in the store ?
No, Some images presented on the site may not have all the details of the actual article and the colors could slightly change.

The prices of the items presented are all with VAT ?
Yes , all items featured on the site include VAT at the legal rate .

The privacy of my personal data is guaranteed?

Pilot Wings Aviation Store ensures that all your data WILL NOT be used for any promotion purposes either by mail contact or telephone contact nor will it be used by any other organization or company without your previous authorization.

It is of upmost importance for Pilot Wings Aviation Store that all our customers and visitors see granted the confidentiality of their data and details.

Our site has a secure SSL connection, which allows customers to enter your datalog and order securely.

The customer may at any timevia our websitehave access to your personal data in order to update them or remove them.

Customers expressly allow authorizes Pilot Wings Aviation Store to send information about products and services that may be of interest, using the personal data the customer have provided, via any communication channel, including email. We DO NOT sell or share your data with anyone. As a matter of fact, being ourselves avid online consumers, we simply hate and abolish spam!

Pilot Wings Aviation Store needs to collect personal data from customers for:

  • Identity as a customer;
  • Processing, confirming and delivering orders;
  • Notification about order status;
  • Customer Service maintenance, for solving any issues;
  • Create promotions and special offers based on your own preferences;
  • Make a better online experience;
  • Send personal detailed information only available to customers;
  • Access to campaigns, promotions and exclusive content;