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CT990 is fitted with the Dead Man function, useful when you are on your own or isolated. This function constantly monitors the status of the person wearing the radio: if a change in position of the radio from vertical to horizontal (due to illness or injury) is recorded CT990 emits an alarm that is sent to all users tuned to its frequency.

The compliance to the IP67 standard ensures an utmost reliability and guarantees a total protection from dust and from water immersion up to 1 meter of depth for 30 minutes. The high performance antenna and the extra clear audio ensure excellent conversations and make of CT990 a reliable transceiver in various situations. CT990 is supplied with the Dead Man (or Man Down) feature, very useful in case you are alone or isolated. This function constantly monitors the radio status: if it is tipped on its side for more than a pre‐set time, it may indicate that a person has fallen; the radio then will beep to warn other users tuned on the same frequency. CT990 boasts 257 memory channels, a wide colorful LCD display and a highefficiency 2800mAh Li‐Ion battery pack that ensures a long battery life, the Side Tone which is able to muffle the bothersome tone at the end of any transmssion, the «VOICE» announcement that indicates the selected function and the FM radio.

Inside the box:

CT990 transceiver, Rechargeable Li‐Ion battery pack 2800mAh, Short antenna, Long antenna, Belt clip, Desktop charger, Wall adaptor, Wrist belt